SeaWorld Newest Attractions

Today, I had the pleasure to be part of a press conference that SeaWorld was holding to announce the new attractions coming soon.

The first news was about the Kraken Unleashed VP Experience opening on June 16, 2017. Guests will take the role of submarine captains, and they will get chase by sea monster creatures such as the kraken.

Kraken Unleashed is basically the upgraded virtual reality version of the current Kraken roller Coaster.


The highlight of today’s press release was the release of the brand new ride called “Infinity Falls”. The ride will open in Summer 2018. The “Infinity Falls” will be the world’s tallest drop on a river raft roller coaster (40 ft below). This will be a family adventure in an 8 passengers raft designed for all ages. The guests will be taken through the jungle river. The focus of the ride is to bring awareness on the importance of the water and the world ecosystem.


On top of the ride, SeaWorld also announced a new show called “Pop”. Fan Yang a 19 times Guinness Book of World Records Holder is doing amazing things with bubbles of all shapes and colors. I saw the show this morning and it was wonderfully beautiful. Pop is scheduled to start on May 26th, 2017.

I can’t wait to try all these new attractions.

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